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35 people died in the Moscow bombing today.
33 people died in Karbala the same day in three separate, but close bombings.

Which one have you heard about more?

If you search a news website hard enough, you’ll see there was another bombing today a little to the south of Moscow, causing a similar mortality rate. Of course there are differences, that is obvious. But for the world (read - western) media, the one in Moscow warrants a lot more coverage on CNN, BBC, and on Yahoo. It was an airport (which in a post 9/11 conscious, conjures up orientalist images of a desert nomad, filled with hatred and lust for a soon-to-come paradise), but a bus station and a busy street in Karbala are similarly crowded public spaces. The Karbala attack is simply written off as just another day in a savage and backward land. But these people we on their way to work, the market to buy tonight’s dinner, and to the mosque to take part in a holiday. Both attacks, at least it is assumed, were carried out by radical Muslims, Sunnis in religiously divided Iraq and Chechens separatists in Russia. And they attacked other Muslims and Christians, and most likely people of other faiths. What we can draw from this is that radical Islamic fringe groups, not the majority of Muslims across the world, are to blame for this continued violence. Just as white southerners are not all racist and backward simpletons, neither are Arab Muslim doctors in Tikrit or Indonesian Muslim golf instructors. Why in 2011 world-wide xenophobia is rampant, I do not know. Simple categories and vast generalizations are dangerous, and just lead to further suppression of truth and understanding.

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